Hello World!

Hello world! We’re excited to welcome you to our new online home. Our friends from the do_action charity hackathon in Cape Town were kind enough to help us with that. (Every year they set aside a day to help charities with websites.) For a while we’ve wanted a place where we could connect with you.We hope to share some activities happening at the centre. We exist to serve the Vrygrond community at large.

Some of What We Do

Encourage children to make a reading a priority as they come to our reading centre.

  • Teach life skills.
  • Help children and youth do their homework.
  • Empower all residents by helping them get access to information.
  • Enhance curiosity of both youth, adults and seniors through various programs / interventions.
  • Provide a warm environment for the community to connect and grow.

We believe knowledge is power and key to unlock poverty and all the social ills that surround us as a community.

Our Objectives

Since our inception in 1999, our objectives remain the same:

  • To provide library and educational facilities for the Vrygrond and nearby communities for all age groups
  • To provide and encourage social community meetings and activities in the area.

We’re privileged to have the opportunity to serve the young and old in our Vrygrond community. Here, on our webiste, we also hope you’ll find ways you can be a part of transforming lives and uplifting our community.

We’d love to hear from you. Connect with us on Facebook or drop us an message using the form below.

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