Besides encouraging learning, we endeavour to be a place that contributes to positive attitudes and healthy living.

The Vrygrond Community Reading Centre (previously known as the Vrygrond Library) started in 1999 as a project of the Vrygrond Community Development Trust. The Centre is now a registered Non Profit Organisation – No. 200-891 NPO.

It has its own formal constitution with an Executive Committee of local Vrygrond community members and a Treasurer. There are also some non-executive advisers.

Our Vision

To build community amongst the residents and the businesses in and around the community. This we hope to achieve through Empowerment and raising awareness as well as jobs creation through the exposure to skill within the organisations.

Our Mission

  1. To make reading a priority to every child that come to the Reading Centre.
  2. To learn life skills.
  3. To see that the children do their homework and to make sure they do their projects.
  4. To provide a meal before they start with their subject.
  5. To empower our residents and see that they get information if they need it.  
  6. To enhance their curiosity with various programs.
  7. We believe knowledge is power and key to unlock poverty and all the social ills that surround us as a community.

Our programmes

Besides encouraging learning, we endeavour to be a place that contributes to positive attitudes and healthy living. We welcome the kids, adults and seniors, and help them learn via our programmes.

Older children come to get books for reading or studying, and use the Reading Centre as a place for study. Adults gather there for social meetings. It is a place that contributes to positive attitudes and healthy living.

Reading classes, Skills Training, Workshops, Social Interaction programmes, After school study classes, Workshops, Excursions, Summer camps, Holiday enrichment classes

We motivate the youth to find innovate new solutions to challenges they face on personal and professional level. The children who come into the reading centre is very enthusiastic and willing to assist the community and to uplift themselves. The programms we offer children speak to these needs.

Adults gather at the Vrygrond community reading center for social meetings. It is a place that contributes to positive attitudes and healthy living, especially for seniors.

We provide Basic English reading, writing, and spelling classes is for adult residents. We provide year end outings, dancing and christmas parties for seniors.

We offer workshops on issues that affect the community disproportionately.

In our awareness campaigns we inform them crime and its dangers before they commit the crime. The programs are also based on instilling morals in each household and educating the underprivileged of their constitutional rights, as well as giving alternative means of income to those that take part in the leaning programmes offered by the reading centre

We offer Fire Awareness workshops. It is important,  because of where Vrygrond is located, in the outskirts of Cape Town. Houses are close to each other and water points are far appart, creating a huge fire risk. The workshop cover: What to do in case of a fire, how to minimise the risk of a fire, and safety procedures to follow.

We provide Hiv/Aids workshops, where we try to educate people about HIV and aids, were you encouraged people to know their HIV status.

We also provide practical workshops where people visiting the Vrygrond Community Reading Center can learn skills like fabric painting and candle making. This empowers people to be able to earn income and help the community in turn.

School holiday programmes are an important link in the story of childhood growth. As part of the programme we have a feeding scheme where we feed between 60 to 150 children.

We provide our children at the holiday program with something to eat while they are in our care and off the streets, during the holidays. This is some of the children’s first and last meal when they come to the program. Providing them with a meal takes away that worry of having to wonder where their next meal will come from, and allows them to engage more fully with all the holiday programme activities.

We also offer camps and excursions.

9 june 2020

Funding for the Reading Centre due to Covide 19

Vrygrond Community reading center is really looking forward to see the children coming back to the little save heaven that they are use to Covid 19 has caused so much negativity toward the children education stills.We urge people to please help us with funding to keep our Reading Centre open and running and to help were the children’s educational psychologist needs. We also have a nutritional program in the afternoon, before the children do there studies we give them a snack.
Our watup number is as follows:067601183
Email Address:


98 Vrygrond Avenue,
Muizenberg East,
Cape Town

Jane Sylvester (Librarian)
Call: 0735735572 or 021 701 3701

Sharon McCallum
Call: 084 507 5092