We offer workshops on issues that affect the community disproportionately.

Most of the crime in this area is done by 1st offenders, by those who do not know the full extent of what they are getting themselves into, and the ones that do it for other reasons, such as peer pressure, substance and alcohol abuse and survival since many are unemployed. We have observed that the police and neighbourhood structures only react when the crime has been committed and we believe that our approach is more proactive that reactive.

In our awareness campaigns we inform them crime and its dangers before they commit the crime. The programs are also based on instilling morals in each household and educating the underprivileged of their constitutional rights, as well as giving alternative means of income to those that take part in the leaning programmes offered by the reading centre

We offer Fire Awareness workshops. It is important,  because of where Vrygrond is located, in the outskirts of Cape Town. Houses are close to each other and water points are far appart, creating a huge fire risk. The workshop cover: What to do in case of a fire, how to minimise the risk of a fire, and safety procedures to follow.

We provide Hiv/Aids workshops, where we try to educate people about HIV and aids, were you encouraged people to know their HIV status.

We also provide practical workshops where people visiting the Vrygrond Community Reading Center can learn skills like fabric painting and candle making. This empowers people to be able to earn income and help the community in turn.