A Day in the Vrygrond Centre

The Vrygrond community reading center is a busy space with many activities happening throughout the week. There are many programs and workshops being run from the center. Here is an example of activities run from the center in a typical week.

From Monday to Friday, Early Childhood Development classes are run for young kids from 1 to 6 years old from 8am till 1 pm. Here the get crucial development assistance with things like early reading and motor skills training that will give them an advantage for the rest of their lives.

From 1 till 3, the center is repurposed as an aftercare center for older children. Here they get a chance to have assistance with their homework, that they cannot get at home and they learn other skills that help them in school. School

On Friday afternoons there are literary classes for adults.

There are also classes run for seniors, including Beading and Knitting classes. There are tea for the seniors. There are also games of bingo being played at the  center.