The Vrygrond Community Reading Centre (previously known as the Vrygrond Library) started in 1999 as a project of the Vrygrond Community Development Trust. The Centre is now a registered Non Profit Organisation – No. 200-891 NPO.

It has its own formal constitution with an Executive Committee of local Vrygrond community members and a Treasurer. There are also some non-executive advisers.

Our Vision

To build community amongst the residents and the businesses in and around the community. This we hope to achieve through Empowerment and raising awareness as well as jobs creation through the exposure to skill within the organisations.

Our Mission

  1. To make reading a priority to every child that come to the Reading Centre.
  2. To learn life skills.
  3. To see that the children do their homework and to make sure they do their projects.
  4. To provide a meal before they start with their subject.
  5. To empower our residents and see that they get information if they need it.  
  6. To enhance their curiosity with various programs.
  7. We believe knowledge is power and key to unlock poverty and all the social ills that surround us as a community.